Saturday, September 15, 2018

There's More to Tillamook Besides Cheese!

Besides going back to the Tillamook Cheese Factory a couple more times for free samples, I took an excursion with our little group to go to Cape Kiwanda. We passed on climbing up the huge sand dune, but had a great time people-watching at the beach.

Between the dory boats landing, and cars getting stuck in the sand, it was very entertaining.

The dory boats land by zooming full speed onto the beach.

A short video of the very exciting landing! Run, guys, run!

Even the gulls enjoyed watching...

We also went to the Tillamook Air Museum, which was once a huge hanger housing Navy blimps in World War II.

It was interesting to see how it was built.

There were lots of exhibits inside. This is an airplane like the one John Denver crashed in. How sad...

We're slowly moving down the coast, and the temperatures have dropped to the 60s for a high. Quite a change!

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