Sunday, April 1, 2018

Moving on to El Fuerte

Our next stop was El Fuerte, where we will be getting on the Copper Canyon train tomorrow. Entering town, we went over the El Fuerte River. All this water comes from Copper Canyon.

We're here, on the square in front of the cathedral.

We took a look inside -

And I always have to look at the Stations of the Cross. These were beautiful.

There were also lots of venders around the square.

Nearby was the Palacio Municipal. We got a look at the courtyard.

The walls were covered with amazing murals.

And then we climbed up to The Fort, which is now a museum, Museo Fuerte Mirador.

Very cool!

And we got another look at the river.

Cardon Cactus are all over the area.

In the museum was a statue of a female deer dancer.

And look - Rusty Stuff!

Back at the hotel, we had a presentation of local dancers. Unfortunately, I got totally bit up by mosquitoes until our tour guide brought out the insect repellent!

Tomorrow - the big trip!


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