Tuesday, April 3, 2018

All Aboard!

The big day has arrived! We woke up early to board the train at El Fuerte, near the bottom of the map, and we are traveling to Posada Barrancas, a little above the center on the map, a total of 204 kilometers, or 127 miles. I know that doesn't sound like too much, but a lot of it is uphill and the train was going very slowly.

The first part was fairly level.

We went across several rivers while we were on the mostly level part. This was El Fuerte River again, and the trestle is the longest bridge on the line, 1636 feet in length.

But then it started to climb and climb...

Beautiful scenery everywhere!

I had to learn not to lean out too far - there were many narrow tunnels along the way.

There were lots of these pink trees along the way, called Pink Amapa.


Here the train makes a couple of U-turns to get up to the upper level that you can barely see in the photo.

Looking down on the first U-turn.

When we got to Posada Barrancas, we got to see many basket weavers and their adorable children.

This one and her baby goat were stationed outside our hotel.

Speaking of which, this is our hotel. Yes, the one hanging off the cliff!

But wow! What a view! This is from my balcony.

More on our stay in Copper Canyon to come.


  1. Wow! Is right! What scenery and my favorite is the balcony. Glad you're sharing your trip with us. Thank you!

  2. Wow! I LOVE IT! And that hotel is amazing.

  3. So glad you decided to do this. Copper Canyon is amazing. Imagine that in the town of Creel is an old KOA RV Park with about 80 sites. They haven't been maintained, but the KOA Camping Cabins are still there and operational.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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