Thursday, April 5, 2018

My Second Day in Copper Canyon

We had 2 nights in Copper Canyon, so the 2nd day we went on a couple walks and a couple excursions. I walked back up the rim again to get some other views. Copper Canyon is actually a network of 5 canyons. We're now at the top of Urique Canyon.

Down below, you could see the zipliners. Unfortunately, we didn't find out about it early enough to participate. Next time!

The cost of a ride on the aerial tramway was included in our tour, but unfortunately, it wasn't running on the second day...

Although I'm glad I went on this tour, there were some disappointments.

So I amused myself taking another picture of our "hotel on a cliff," with the sun shining on it.

The hotel room was pretty unique -

And I especially liked the ceiling.

My favorite cute little girl was outside the hotel again. This time she had her baby goat wrapped in a blanket. How cute!

The Tarahumara Indians are the second largest indigenous group in North America, after the Navajo.

Our group went on an excursion to a market and a swinging bridge over a side canyon.

We then went to visit a boarding school.

A lot of the kids here have to go to boarding school because their houses are spread out too far to walk to school every day. Our group made a donation to buy stuff for the school.

The kids gave us a demonstration of the games they play. The Tarahumara are famous for their long-distance running, and these kids had a lot of energy...

Back to the room for a great sunset!


  1. We are interested in doing one of these tours. Will you share your disappointments ?
    Thanks, Bob

    1. Sure will. I plan to do it in the last post.


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