Friday, April 13, 2018

Faywood Hot Springs and City of Rocks

After returning from my trip to Mexico, I moved east to spend some time in New Mexico. I first stayed at Faywood Hot Springs, which was really nice. Unfortunately, I took NO pictures! But City of Rocks State Park is right down the road, and I went over there several times.

My friend Karylee was parked there and she showed us all the sights.

Like Kissing Rock -

And one of the Kokopelli pictographs, which was hidden behind a rock.

When we removed the rock, this guy flew out. There was a lot of screaming involved...

This is the larger Kokopelli. They look a little too perfect to be very old...

There are also some petroglyphs there, and Karylee knew just where to find them.

She also knew where a mommy owl, "Owlive," was nesting. She was in a very high rock and I was zooming in a lot. She was asleep anyway...

On the weekend, they had a Medieval Festival.

It was weird to see the modern people and the medieval people wandering around among the rocks.

There was always something scary around the corner...

They also had a Medieval jam session going on.

And some very unique travel units.

I have not spent very much time in New Mexico until now, but I was very impressed with both Faywood Hot Springs and City of Rocks.

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