Sunday, July 23, 2017

Next Stop - Riggins, Idaho

The WINs moved on to Riggins, ID a few days after I joined them. The city of Riggins is on the left in this photo, and we are parked along the river on the right.

We have great boondocking spots right next to the Salmon River.

There's an elk farm right across the road from us.

We were there right at the time of the salmon run on the Little Salmon River. The roads along the river were packed with fisherpeople.

The first thing we did was hike the Rapid River trail. It was a great hike, although we were a little worried about snakes...

The river really was rapid!

I stopped frequently to take photos, since I am easily distracted. I really like the Salsify seed - it looks like a huge dandelion.

And I also like bugs on flowers. Like I said, I'm easily distracted...


  1. That area along the Salmon River is really beautiful country. Just curious - were you easily distracted as a child? Bet you drove your Mom nuts. lol

  2. Love you picture of the Salsify seed! I had no idea that was what it was called.

  3. During the two years we lived in Colorado, we toured a number of the western states but never visited Idaho. Mom and daddy might have been to Idaho on a later trip after we moved back to PA. Taking photos of flowers and bugs - you are your mother's daughter.

  4. Beautiful the bug shot.

  5. How did you get the first picture? Did you buy a drone and not tell me?


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