Saturday, July 8, 2017

More Paris Sights

Leaving the Eiffel Tower, we went by our first "Barfing Statue." There will be more to come...

We bought transportation passes, so all the bus and train rides are included. Sometimes the train stations are interesting!

We headed over to Sacre Coeur Basilica, which is up on a hill. There is a funicular that takes you up to the top.

We're here, along with most of the city...

Because they want to sell postcards, they don't allow photos, but no one, including me, was obeying that rule...

We then stopped by St. Peter of Montmartre Church, which had no problem with photos.

Nearby was the Moulin Rouge.

We then headed over to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

What a beautiful door!

Inside was amazing -

With lots of gorgeous stained glass windows.

We had one more stop - Galeries Lafayette, a huge department store!

I was exhausted after this busy day. Brian recorded 22,000 steps, so I probably had more. But it was worth it!

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