Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Flying Down Hells Canyon in a Jetboat

That's exactly what 7 of us daring WINs did while we were in Riggins, Idaho.

We made several stops on our long, speedy trip. The first was at Kirkwood Historic Ranch.

It wasn't too exciting, except for a lot of GREAT rusty stuff!

All too soon, we were speeding up canyon again.

Lyn, Cindy, and Jimmy are hanging on for dear life!

I caught a shot of a bald eagle just taking off.

I think the is the turn-around point - the Hells Canyon Dam. We got off here for a while and went to the Visitors Center.

Then it was time to go back down canyon. The rapids are worse going downstream -

As you can see in this video. Even though they closed the front windows, the water still got in.

Later, the captain decided we weren't wet enough. So he opened the front windows -

And POW! Lyn got this great shot of me getting drenched.

And if anyone wasn't wet enough, we stopped at a beach on the way back so anyone who wanted could get in the water.

On another day, the group went on a ride through the forest to the gold mining ghost town of Florence. Pretty much all that was here was this billboard, with pictures of what it used to look like -

Except for the cemetery, which was in pretty good shape, considering...

I loved all the Beargrass!


  1. I hope it was warmer the day you took the trip. When we went we froze all the way back after he drenched us. We were not happy.

  2. A great ride. We did the same trip weeks ago on our Lewis and Clark Caravan:)


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