Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another Busy Day in Paris

Corrie kept us very busy while we were in Paris! On our 4th day there, we started out visiting Sainte Chappelle.

It's unbelievable to me that this was built in the 13th century!

Including all these stained glass windows.

On our way to our next museum, we went by Notre Dame Cathedral again, and the Seine River. We had purchased a "museum pass" so we could go to lots of museums without needing to feel like we had to stay long enough to get our money's worth.

We then went to the Cluny Medieval Art Museum, where we saw the headless statues, sculpted in the 1200s, of biblical kings of Judah. They once decorated the front of Notre Dame Cathedral.

In 1793, an angry mob decapitated the statues. The heads disappeared, but in 1977, some diggers accidentally unearthed the heads!

I also really liked the unicorn tapestries. I think Jonathan is a little tired...

We then did a Paris lunch of crepes along the Seine.

After lunch, we went to the Military Museum, where we saw lots of armor. The horses had armor -

And so did the kids, as Jonathan provides a sense of scale.

The Military Museum used to be a military hospital and a church.

And it's most famous because Napoleon is buried here.

The ceiling above Napoleon's grave.

We then went to the Rodin Museum, where we saw "The Thinker(s)."

And we're not done yet! Then we went to The Louvre, but that will have to wait for the next post.

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