Sunday, July 2, 2017

Next "Stop" - Geiranger

Turns out we couldn't stop in Geiranger, Norway because of high winds. But that's okay! Instead of stopping, the ship did a slow cruise of the Geiranger Fjord, the best in Norway. So we didn't have to pay for an excursion, and got to see the Fjord anyway!

There are lots of waterfalls in this fjord. Notice the house up above this one. How do they get up there?

I went up to the front of the ship for a while, but then went back to my balcony.

Just gorgeous!


This is Seven Sisters Falls, supposedly resembling the hair of seven women.

On the opposite side of the fjord is "The Suiter," a watterfall shaped like a bottle.

Here it is... Legends tell us that "The Suitor" proposed to "The Seven Sisters" several times and was continuously rebuffed, leaving "The Seven Sisters" unmarried, while "The Suitor" turned to the bottle.

One more watterfall, then it was time for lunch.

What a view!

Our towel art work tonight was the most spectacular of the cruise. Good night!


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