Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Last Stop - Bergen, Norway

Pulling into Bergen, our ship docked right in front of some of the prettiest buildings we have seen.

We didn't do too much at this stop. We had planned to go up the funicular, but the weather wasn't great, and the line was a mile long. So instead we went shopping! Bryggen, a series of historical old warehouses, is now a shopping area.

We wandered up and down the narrow alleyways.

McDonald's here does not have any golden arches.

We also went to the fish market. We could have had moose burgers, reindeer hotdogs, whale jerky -

Or some very expensive fish.

Nearby was Rosekrantz Tower, built in the 1560s.

We walked through on a self-guided tour.

Fortunately, we didn't have to walk up these steps - they had some in better shape for us.

From the top, we could see an old church with our ship in the background.

Our last day on the ship was a day at sea on the way back to Copenhagen. There were lots of activities, including towel folding. I think Mara did a great job!


  1. Very cool understated McDonalds, I love it! It has been great following along on your trip 😊

  2. Your European tour has been fascinating, they have so much more history to have learned from than we do here in the States!!

  3. Mui's been wanting to go to Bergen since a fellow-cruiser years ago told him that the most beautiful women are in Bergen. I guess he'll find out if that's true or not this year ;-)


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