Sunday, September 25, 2016

Visiting with the Grandkids

Highway 395 heads due south towards San Diego, and 2 of my grandkids. On the way, I stopped at another gorgeous BLM campground, this one near Lone Pine.

When I arrived in San Diego, Mara made dinner the first night -

While Jonathan took silly selfies with my phone.

Okay, here's one that not too bad. Fifi the granddog is never far away. She just wants to be petted ALL the time.

Fuzzball allowed me to take a picture of him, but once again, Fifi is not far away.

To celebrate Mara's birthday, we all went to The Melting Pot, a very unique restaurant. Jonathan was having fun with Mara and her friend, Keira.

The appetizer was 2 different kinds of cheese dipping sauce. The main course, which I didn't get a picture of because I was too busy eating, was various meats and shrimp, which you cook yourself in some flavored broth.

Then dessert was various yummy things that you dip in 2 kinds of chocolate. Wow!

I also got to take Mara to swim practice.

There she goes!

They're going to be moving soon to a new house. While it's similar to their old house (big house on tiny lot), it's in a better school district for when the kids are in high school. And in their current house, they have a view of a brick wall - but this will be the view in the new house! Not bad, huh?


  1. Spending time is grandkids is so special. They don't give you much down time.

  2. Our son and his grandson live in Temecula now. They are renting a house because his job is very fluid (he got a job offer in Massachusetts recently!). We love Temecula, but the traffic is horrible!

  3. One of the joys of having an RV to travel in is getting to visit the grands. Too bad it's so hard to leave.

  4. Good you got family time! AND glad they will now have a view to enjoy in their new digs!!


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