Monday, September 19, 2016

My Favorite Hike, Once Again

From Mono Lake, I moved down Hwy 395 to Bishop, CA. I stayed at one of my favorite campgrounds, Horton Creek BLM C/G, only $2.50 per day with your Senior Pass for this gorgeous view!

Back up the hill, turn left at Tom's Place on Rock Creek Lake Rd, and go to the end of the road, to get to my all-time favorite hike - Little Lakes Valley.

It's hard to believe that the trail used to be an old mining road.

The trail starts at 10,000 ft elevation, so there isn't too much climbing. It goes past lake, after lake, after lake. This is Marsh Lake.

And there is Heart Lake in the distance.

What a gorgeous backdrop!

The top of the heart at Heart Lake.

And looking back at the bottom.

I got distracted by this Clark's Nutcracker, busy gathering seeds for it's huge stash. The bird was named by William Clark, of Lewis and Clark, in 1805.

Got it!

While in Bishop, I also did a little hike along South Lake -

And Lake Sabrina. There was a whole lot more water in the lake than there was 3 years ago when I was last here.

In 2013, there was hardly any water in the lake, and we were able to drive through the lake bed!


  1. I can see why this is your favorite hike, but where's all the rusty stuff? ;c)

  2. Nice to see what Lake Sabrina looks like with water in it. We hiked across it in 2013!

  3. too cool , i have follow you for years and many post little lakes valley ! on my list ! ha.

  4. All gorgeous! Good to see water in Lake Sabrina.

  5. Beautiful pics! I stayed at Volcanic Tablelands when in Bishop earlier this year. Did not know about the hikes and lakes. Looking forward to going back now. Thanks!


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