Monday, September 5, 2016

More Beaches and the Hoh

While at Forks, WA, we went to several more beaches. "First Beach" was not as interesting as some of the others.

But it did have a big piece of Rusty Stuff in the water, so that made up for it.

And a very interesting totem pole.

The trail to "Second Beach" goes through a dark forest over a hill to the beach.

This tree housed a nice assortment of rocks.

We got to the beach at low tide, which was just perfect. There is a beautiful natural bridge in the distance.

And lots of nice sea stacks along the beach.

The next day we went to the Hoh Rain Forest in the interior section of Olympic National Park. No rain today, but lots of moss testifying that it does rain here a lot.

We went on a couple of the trails, past gnarly trees -

And the Hoh River.

We were careful not to step on this guy.

Afterwards, we went to yet another beach - this one is Ruby Beach.

There is lots of driftwood on all these beaches, and you usually have to climb over it to get to the water.

Fishermen and fog.

And on an island way in the distance is Destruction Island Lighthouse. Wow! Wish I had a boat...

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