Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm Really in the Northwest Now!

There's a lot to do here in Forks! One day we went to Cape Flattery. And it seems like everywhere we go, you start off with a walk through the woods.

Our first view of the ocean.

Here I am at the Northwestern-most point in the Continental US. Seems hard to believe that just a year or so ago, I was in the Northeastern-most point here.

But wait a minute! What is that island behind me? It is definitely west of me.

And there's a lighthouse on it! Once again, I wish I had a boat...

The view south of the Point.

And the view North. Lots of neat caves.

There were supposed to be Puffins here, but we didn't see any. Lots of cormorants -

And a dead animal. Don't know what it was - maybe a sea lion. Very sad...

After Cape Flattery, we went to Makah Days in Neah Bay on the Makah Reservation. It was cold and windy, so we didn't stay long.

But we got to see them preparing salmon the traditional Native American way.

There were lots of old RVs around, covered in mold. Made me want to get away from the rainy coast quickly.

On our last day in Forks, I went on hikes to 2 waterfalls. Once again, the journey begins with a hike through a mossy forest.

My first view of Marymere Falls.

And the view once I got there. There wasn't too much water flowing, but it was very pretty anyway. The last time I was here was 1992!

Marymere Falls is near Lake Crescent, so I stopped there briefly for some photos. I even found some rusty stuff!

I did another short hike to Sol Duc Falls. It's impossible to get a picture of all the different levels, but this is the prettiest part.

And I even made a new friend!


  1. I love love love waterfall pictures.

  2. You might be in the northwestern most point in the continuous states but in the continental states I believe that Alaska has that honor.

    1. Good point Leah, but Alaska is also has the honor of the eastern most point in the US as Attu Station and other islands are in the eastern hemisphere

    2. Whoops, I meant contiguous. And Jeff, I did mention the Alaska problem on my original post from Maine last year. But thanks for the comments, guys!

  3. Wow, looking at that moldy motor home made my lungs hurt - cough, cough! Yes, drive away....

    Other than that, it's sure beautiful up there. Darling little squirrel (or Chipmunk?). Strange, about the dead animal - seal or whatever. I never think of them dying, but of course all animals die, we just don't usually seem them dead. Sad, for sure.

  4. trying to catch up on blog reading I found some free WIFi my Hotspot does not work here in Canada, Verizon are you listening? DID you see any vampires there? The Twilight movies were filmed there so I've heard...Lovely I recall stoping at Crescent lake, it had a lovely turq color.

  5. I thought mold was a requirement for all RVs in the Pacific North West. Good thing you escaped in time with yours! :cD


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