Saturday, September 3, 2016

Forks - Forever Twilight

We next moved on to Forks, WA, famous for one thing - the Twilight movie series was set here. At the Visitor Center, I got to meet Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

Even Bella's red pickup was there.

Apparently LOTS of people come here just to meet them!

We went on a great forest tour the first day.

This red machine grabbed the trees, cut them off in a second, and put them in a pile. They don't cut all the trees, just thin them out.

This red machine very quickly picks up the logs, strips the branches off, and measures and cuts to the correct length. The yellow machine then picks up the cut logs and puts them on the truck.

Wait! Lyn is taking photos of the hunky lumbermen.

We next went to an old growth forest.

And a cedar shingle mill.

Back at the Visitor Center, we met a German couple who are on a trip around the world. They have a map of their route on their RV.

On the next day, 4 of us took a trip over to Rialto Beach. We walked along the beach to the point on the left.

There was lots of nice driftwood on the beach, some of which has been made into day shelters.

Karen, Dan and Richard, walking towards the point.

There were some great sea stacks along the way.

We finally got to Hole-in-the-Wall, and worked our way to the other side.

We timed our trip perfectly and got there at low tide.

We saw some beautiful tide pools.

Then came back through the Hole-in-the-Wall.

We even saw a seal on our walk back.

A fantastic 2 days!


  1. Looks a little sunny for a sparkly vampire!

  2. Never saw the Twilight saga so I'm not sure we'll be putting a pin in that map. Those machines are really fascinating. I'm always amazed at minds that can take a human way of doing things and make a machine that can do it faster and better.

  3. Ah ha! SO that's why you wear a big floppy hat, to avoid the sunlight! Bella would be so proud... :cD


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