Saturday, June 11, 2016

More Grand Teton

While in Grand Teton, we went on a few more short hikes.

String Lake is easy, level and has beautiful views everywhere you look.

We also drove up to the top of Signal Mountain. It's farther away from the mountains, but still amazingly gorgeous.

And there were lots of flowers at the top too!

The next morning we started out at Oxbow Bend Overlook.

And then went on a hike on the Lakeshore Trail on Jackson Lake.

The Tetons look like they are coming right out of the lake!

Just beautiful!

Afterwards we went to Jenny Lake overlook. Cascade Canyon is right across the lake. I've hiked up there before, but it was closed for trail construction this time.

We then went to the Chapel of the Transfiguration.

Those seats don't look too comfortable...

But the view behind the altar makes it all worthwhile.

We also went to see the Gros Ventre Slide, near our campground - a gigantic landslide that occurred in 1925.

There's so much to see in this park - I just love it!


  1. SOOOooooo Gorgeous there!! I like the rustic chapel, and the view is a one of a kind!

  2. It is so much prettier than Yellowstone.

  3. It fricken poured, Biblical amounts, when we visited last year. Only saw the mountains once. Your pictures are amazing, like the postcards we saw, not at all like the views we had :)

    The eclipse next year will pass directly overhead, will you be returning?

  4. Really cool pictures, we're going to get there one of these days, it has been on our list for years. With my luck, it'll probably be a winter visit... ;c)


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