Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Capitol Reef

After our visit to the Escalante area, we moved on to another of the 5 Utah National Parks, Capitol Reef, scoring a great boondocking spot just west of the park boundary.

Close by is the Goosenecks Overlook. It's hard to get a good view unless you are daring enough to stand right on the edge, which I'm not.

While Barbara and Ron went on another hike, I decided to go to Hickman Bridge. The hike starts off with a walk along the river, where they warn you not to stop or you'll get hit by a falling rock.

The trail then starts climbing a bit -

Going past some volcanic boulders.

The first glimpse of the bridge is a little hard to make out.

Ahhhh, much better!

And the view from the back, which would be in the sun later in the day.

I also stopped to see the petroglyphs along the river -

And the old school house.


  1. beautiful park and landscape. enjoying the tour with you.

  2. COOL...I have that hike on my must do's at some point cause my married name was Hickman! I didn't even know about the rock art so that's a bonus!!


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