Friday, June 3, 2016

Capitol Gorge and More

I've visited Capitol Reef National Park many times, and have seen the uncrowded north and east sections. But on this visit, I stayed in the more popular areas. One of the hikes we did was the Grand Wash hike.

It starts out fairly open -

And then gets narrower -

And narrower.

There are lots of places where the "rockpeckers" have been hard at work.

To get an idea how deep the gorge is, try to find the two tiny dots that are people.

There were occasional flowers in the gorge -

Which the bees really liked.

We got almost through the canyon before turning around and heading back.

I also stopped to see the picturesque barn in historic Fruita, although the lighting wasn't just right.

And stopped to say "hi" to the horses at the nearby Gifford house.

And we did another short hike to Sunset Point where you get a better view of the Goosenecks.


  1. Can almost see the Lone Ranger and Tonto riding through that gorge! :o)


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