Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Arriving in Yellowstone

After visiting Grand Teton, the next logical step is a visit to Yellowstone. Holy cow! I didn't even get to the campground before running into a huge buffalo jam. Traffic was backed up 5 miles behind them!

Hey - wait a minute! You're on my side of the road!

This group was all females and babies, and a couple of the adults were limping. It was so sad. Either they were injured or very old.

The next day, we started out by going to see the Old Faithful area. Straight off, we went right by some elk. I guess they find it easier to travel on the roads too.

Firehole Falls was our first stop.

And then we hurried on down to Upper Geyser Basin and the Old Faithful area.

Yellowstone was the very first US National Park, named by President Ulyssus S. Grant in 1872. You can definitely see why.

While waiting for the expected eruption time of Old Faithful, I wandered around the area, looking at other geysers and pools. This is Doublet Pool.

And then I joined the other thousand or so who were waiting for the eruption. Hold on to your hat!

Thar she blows!

We then went to Biscuit Basin, where we were greeted by yet another buffalo. I hope that fisherman in the background is keeping an eye on him!

Sapphire Pool is beautiful -

As are all the other pools and geysers.

Just look at that detail!


  1. Thank you for sharing - great pictures! Always enjoy your travel stories!

  2. Always a good visit to Yellowstone when you get to see lots of animals. Our friend Paul was on his motorcycle when he got passed by a herd of buffalo - said that was really exciting.

  3. We are working in the park for the summer season. Hub and I are stationed at Fishing Bridge. I am in the gas station, he is in the repair garage.
    Sunny days have been few and far between since we got here in April. Glad you had good weather when you were here. They sky is really a spectacular shade of blue when the clouds allow it to peak through.

  4. Such a pretty area, and so many critters to watch and enjoy. Glad the weather was cooperating! :)

  5. Old Faithful is looking perfect!!

  6. There are all kinds of amazing creatures wandering through the park. One in fact bears a strong resemblance to your sister... :cD

  7. I think those are the SAME Bison on the road when we were there!!! lol lol


  8. Hoping to buy a new truck this Fall and a trailer to go with it and maybe we'll see you out on the road. Loved your pics of the buffalo.


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