Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I'm A Millionaire !!!

But first, let me tell you about my trip across Idaho. I stopped one night at Craters of the Moon National Monument.

And the next day, I toured the park.

There was lots of lava, but what I liked the best was all the flowers growing amongst the lava.

There were basically 3 different kinds blooming now, but this was my favorite.

There were lots of Spatter Cones and Lava Bombs.

I also stopped off in Boise to see the Capitol.

The inside is beautiful, with 4 different kinds of marble -

Although the 219 pillars are made of scagliola, a mixture of granite, marble dust, gypsum and glue dyed to look like marbel.

And of course, looking up to the dome is a gorgeous view.

Just outside the entrance to both the House and the Senate is a carpet with the Great Seal of the State of Idaho.

Outside the Capitol is a statue of Lewis and Clark meeting with Nez Perce Chief Twisted Hair back in 1805 on their trip to the Pacific.

And now for the Millionaire news - I have a million pageviews on the blog!


  1. Wow, cool. When were you in Idaho? And, how come you didn't come see me. :-) Pat

  2. There is also an old prison in Boise that is worth visiting.

  3. OH and I was gonna say "Im your new best friend can I borrow a couple grand"...I loved Craters of the Moon, it is small but packed with natural wonders!

  4. Wow! Over a million views. Congratulations. We will be passing through Idaho in September. Looks like we should stop at Craters of the Moon.

  5. Your blog is worth a million. Best on the net. THANKS!!!


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