Saturday, November 7, 2015

On the Way To and From the Catskills

We stopped for a tour of Grey Towers, built in 1886 by James Pinchot. His eldest son, Gifford Phichot, grew up to become head of the newly created US Forest Service, and later governor of Pennsylvania.

I especially liked that photography was allowed on the tour. The furnishings and decorations in the rooms were amazing -

But my favorite thing was the outdoor dining table, where food was floated across on water.

We also stopped at Dingmans Falls, a beautiful waterfall a short walk up a nice trail.

Silver Thread Falls is a teaser along the way.

And then we stopped at the Roebling Bridge, where canal boats crossed the Delaware River on their way from the coal mines in Northeastern Pennsylvania to the Hudson River, where the coal was then sent by steamship to market. The boats went through 108 locks on the way.

The canal bridge over the river is now a one-way auto bridge.

They have a nice little visitors center which explains the canal and the construction of the bridge.

We also screeched to a halt at this working water wheel.

And of course there was still lots of fall color to see on our way back to the group.


  1. Very interesting dining table. Makes you wonder how often the food got soggy when tipping over while being passed. Or did they just serve sea food? ;c)

  2. Wow that room is very the falls!!

  3. And we screeched to a halt at the same water wheel. I didn't realize you want the same way that we did.


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