Thursday, November 5, 2015

Off to the Catskills

After visiting the NYC area, Phil and I went off to the Catskills to meet up with my sister Barbara and "brother-in-law" Ron. The road along the Delaware River, between PA and NY was spectacular.

We left our rigs elsewhere, because we had a condo for a week in the Catskills. We were looking for autumn colors, and didn't have to look far.

There were lots of things to see in the area, including Livingston Manor Covered Bridge.

Built in 1860, it was restored 30 years ago using laminated arches to increase load capacity.

Stone Arch Bridge was built in 1880 and restored a hundred years later.

But we were after fall color, and there was plenty to be found.

It got better each day we were there.

Back at the condo, they were having turtle races. The trick here is to bet on the smaller ones, they are much faster.

But this area is most famous for being where Woodstock happened back in 1969. There is a great museum there. This psychedelic bus was very cool.

In addition to exhibits on Woodstock, they showed the whole story of the Sixties.

After having just been to a lot of Revolutionary War sites in New England, it took me a minute to figure out the 1964 British Invasion.

I did not experience the 3 Days of Peace and Music personally, but don't know how I missed it. I wasn't that far away. 500,000 people managed to get there.

But looking at the photos, it doesn't look that inviting - there was a lot of rain and mud.

This is the field where the festival occurred. Peace!


  1. Definitely one of the better regions of New York.

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. Terry:)

  3. I rode through the area last summer with my two brothers on a motorcycle trip, even more enjoyable than doing it in a car.

    Now you have some ideas from that bus on how to paint your trailer... ;c)

  4. I would like to visit that museum and see how it compares with "Woodstock for Seniors" aka Quartzite, AZ.

  5. Very pretty up there!! Love that bus I want that paint job...


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