Monday, November 9, 2015

Longwood Gardens and Amish Country

After leaving the Catskills, Phil and I rejoined the group in Coatesville, PA. The two of us went first to Longwood Gardens. I thought there wouldn't be much to see this time of year, but I was wrong. There was lots to see both in the huge conservatory and outside. The conservatory is home to 5,500 types of plants!

There was a nice topiary garden, where we had to figure out what the animals were.

And a huge waterlily display.

There were enough flowers left that the bees were happy.

Although the Main Fountain Garden was closed for renovation, the Italian Water Garden more than made up for it.

We got to look through the Peirce-du Pont House, home to the original owners. The property was purchased from the Peirces by Pierre S. duPont in 1906.

Longwood Gardens consists of over 1000 acres, and you can walk way out to the Farmhouse if you desire.

One of the most unique things was the ferns on the wall by the bathrooms in the conservatory.

Oh nooooo!!!

The conservatory also holds an organ, with 10,000 pipes.

You can walk around behind it and see some of the pipes.

On another day we went to Lancaster Central Market, established in 1730, and housed in a historic building.

We're in Amish country now.

We went through the town of Intercourse, just to say we'd been there.

And got sidetracked looking at all the clothes lines. I guess you just had to be there...


  1. If we could all get the gypsy out of us we could go back to using horse n buggy! The garden is exquisite!

  2. We totally blew it ... missed the Gardens, they look awesome. Stayed near town at Beacon Hill RV Park (excellent WiFi) to say we spent the night enjoying Intercourse.

  3. I always feel weird in Amish country, like I'm in some kind of human zoo, looking at the Amish folks going about their daily, but very different lifestyle. Of course, those feelings rapidly disappear when I eat in one of their amazing restaurants. :c)

  4. Being from Md, and pastoring a church in Balto we have been many times to Lancaster. One day we were taking one of our guest speakers to their next engagement and we went through both Intercourse and also through a town called Virginville. Yep! It is true and all at once it dawned on me and I said this...:Once you have gone through Intercourse, you can never go through Virginville again!" Well we ministers go a good laugh on that one! :}

    1. The town of Paradise is nearby, and the town of Blue Ball is also nearby, but in the opposite direction.


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