Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Rest of Palmyra - LOTS to Do!

I raced back to the WINs from my father's place in PA because I just knew they would be going to see Watkins Glen the first day they were in Palmyra, and I really didn't want to miss it. It's a long trip from where we were staying, but definitely worth it. The view from the parking lot is pretty nice.

But as you walk up the canyon, the views just get better and better. There's waterfall after waterfall!

Some you get to walk under.

There's green foiiage everywhere.

This guy was right on the path, and people were standing by making sure no one stepped on him.

It was just beautiful. I can't believe I haven't been here before.

It was a great tour!

After Watkins Glen, we stopped at several other waterfalls. In the middle of Montour Falls, NY is the pretty 156 foot waterfall, Chequagua Falls, where we stopped to have lunch.

We also stopped by Buttermilk Falls -

And Taughannock Falls.

On the way home we saw this horse-driven farm equipment piloted by an Amish teenager.

Phil and I went to a concert in Canandaigua, featuring first - Chase Rice. He's a good country singer, but probably better known as a songwriter ("Cruise" performed by Florida Georgia Line) and for almost winning on Survivor: Nicaragua.

Next up was Jake Owen, who we saw back in 2009 in Cheyenne, WY, opening for Kenny Chesney.

And then - the big attraction, Kenny Chesney, again. He's quite the performer, and looks like he's having a great time entertaining us.

There were lots of copy-cat Kenny's in the audience.

We also toured the George Eastman House in Rochester, dedicated to the history of photography.

Phil, demonstrating the difference in size between the cameras back then and the cameras now.

Right in the middle of Rochester is another big waterfall, with a railroad bridge right above it.

The Erie Canal went very close to where we were parked. I know we've seen a lot of canals lately, but this one was pretty special.

A lot to do in a short time!


  1. I love upstate NY its so wild and wonderful there....I was always so happy when I lived and worked in NYC to get a transport going up to places like Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. Excellent waterfall post!!!

  2. NY was not what I expected. Not sure what I expected but it sure wasn't how beautiful it was. We loved the falls at Watkins Glen. And the finger lakes area - so gorgeous. I would definitely go back again.

  3. These are my stomping grounds. Owned a business in Watkins Glen, and still have a little house in Trumansburg.

  4. You certainly don't let any grass grow under your feet! Lovely tour of Watkins Glen, I've never been either and it wasn't even on my radar, until now.

    Those imitators, they may look like Kenny, but can they sing? ;c)

  5. Wonderful pictures and great adventures. Love your blog posts!

  6. I can see why you raced back to visit the glen ... gorgeous. I'm trying to downsize my camera bag, so I think I'll take a pass on that oldie.

  7. I'll be adding this to my list, especially George Eastman House in Rochester!


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