Friday, August 7, 2015

Moving On to Watertown

On the way to our next stop, Watertown, NY, Phil and I stopped to see Fort Ontario, near Oswego, NY. It's really hard for me to pass by any fort...

Fort Ontario was built in 1839, replacing the British fort destroyed in the War of 1812.

Wandering around, we could walk through the inner and outer walls that formed a strong protection from the enemy.

Continuing to wander around the various buildings, we heard a loud snoring. (I kid you not!)

This is where the noise was coming from!

Just offshore was a nice lighthouse - another thing I can't pass by.

Once back with the WINs, one of the first things the group did was visit Sackets Harbor, the site of 2 battles in the War of 1812. It needed a lot of imagination...

We also visited Tibbetts Point Lighthouse in Cape Vincent, NY. It features the only working Fresnel Lens on Lake Ontario.

Ships go by here while travelling the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Watertown has the most incredible library I have ever seen.

It's as beautiful as a state capitol building.

The view looking down from the second floor.

Watertown is also the home of the first indoor shopping mall in the US.

They also have a Computer Emergency Room. What a great idea!

A very cute town - complete with gargoyles -

And murals.


  1. Our son did two years of junior college in Watertown before transferring to University in Plattsburgh. We know the town well!

  2. Thanks for the tour. Love the snoring soldiers!

  3. I hope that Computer ER doesn't charge like a real ER! So along with rusty stuff, you can't pass up on old forts or lighthouses. No wonder you're so busy on your travels! :c)

  4. Interesting stuff for sure Love the Lighthouses!!! From a distance those guys looked real.

  5. I'm putting Watertown on my list for next year's travels, thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Hilarious snorers! We were visiting the tunnels in Gibraltar and kept hearing someone yelling, "halt, who goes there?" Turns out there was a wax mannequin dressed in a uniform, challenging anyone who triggered it by getting close to a jail cell ;-)


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