Saturday, August 22, 2015

Littleton, NH

We next moved on to Littleton, NH, a cute little town centered around a beautiful river, a mill, and a long pedestrian covered bridge.

Also in town is a bronze statue of Pollyanna, in honor of Eleanor Porter, author of the Pollyanna books who was born here.

Littleton also boasts the World's Longest Candy Counter. Does it get any better than this?

Wait! I'm distracted by a fly on a chicory flower. The poor fly is out of focus, but when I get the picture on the computer -

I also see 2 baby flies!

The best thing in this area is Franconia Notch State Park. We stopped first to see The Basin, a large granite pothole created by a glacier.

But the highlight of the park is the Flume Gorge. A bus takes you to the trailhead, passing through this covered bridge.

The first thing on the trail is Table Rock, a 500-foot long granite outcropping.

After that comes The Gorge, and a nice boardwalk.

As you continue on, you see all kinds of flowers, ferns, and mosses along the boardwalk.

The gorge gets very narrow -

As you continue up.

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

At the top of the flume, you come to 45-foot tall Avalanche Falls.

Believe it or not, each year they have to remove the boardwalk before the winter ice comes, then reinstall it in the spring.

Also in the park is the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway. We rode it and got a nice 360 degree view at the top.

The iconic symbol of New Hampshire, still on all their license plates, is the Old Man of the Mountain.

Unfortunately, the Old Man died in 2003, and this is all that is left now.

But never fear - you can now go to the Historic Site and stand on a block corresponding to your height -

And presto - the Old Man reappears!


  1. Wow, you really are getting far from the Mississippi River now. And to think you like to stay West of it and miss all these interesting things. ;c)

  2. Home sweet home. N'diknna (The Dawn Land in Abenaki)! Enjoy

    My Abenaki ancestors believe that Stone Face, aka the Old Man of the Mountain, turned their enemies to stone when he gazed upon them.

  3. It nice to see the State of NH. I only drove through and stopped for lunch...I really want to explore the north east more there is so much to see there...and not so many tourists to deal with.

  4. Oh what memories this brings back. My cousin lived in Littleton before moving out of state. Grandma and aunt lived in nearby Whitefield where I spent many a childhood.


  5. You are in my stomping grounds. I am a NH native and spent over 20 years of married life there. I love it. This spring we were in Littleton. Somehow we missed Pollyanna which by the way is a favorite classic of mine.We really enjoyed being there. Been through the flumes so many times. Is the Lemon Squeeze still there? You just cannot imagine how much ice and snow overtakes us in the winter. I still live in NE just not in NH.,

  6. This area is beautiful..........


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