Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Walking in the Clouds

On the way to our next stop, Phil and I stopped over in Gorham, NH so that we could go up to the top of Mt. Washington, the highest point in the Northeast US. The road to the top starts out pretty tame, through some woods.

But it soon gets a lot steeper and scarier. The road goes up 4725 feet in 8 miles.

Whoa! I'm glad he's driving in the middle of the road. That's a pretty big dropoff over there.

We made it to the top, but we're in the clouds now.

Notice the building is chained down. The highest wind ever recorded happened right here - 231 mph!

This is what it looks like in the winter.

I made it to the top! 6,288 feet!

And right now I'm taller than anyone in the Northeast.

The clouds cleared up a little so we could see the cog railway engine and car show up.

The front is crooked so it is level going uphill.

The cog apparatus.

There's quite a lot to see at the top, some of which I almost missed because of the clouds. Then we started down the steep road. At least I wasn't on the dropoff side now. Believe it or not, this road first opened to the public in 1861.

We stopped on the way down to look at these rock piles. Not sure what the story is.

And we stopped at the Appalachian Trail so I could say I hiked it. (Yeah, right...)

In the evening, we drove north out of town on a road that you were supposed to see moose on. I loved the paintings on this building.

Especially the one about cutting your lard bill in two.

And I finally found my moose!


  1. That's the kind of wildlife I find. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We climed it in the 70's and almost made it to the top. There are signs warning hikers how deadly the Mt. can be. Near the top there is very little actual trail, it is mostly paint marks on the next big rock in the distance. The cold clouds turned us back when we could no longer make out the marks. If we ever get back there we will take the Train!

  3. I think you were styling with that fancy hiking outfit you wore while hiking the Appalachian Trail. All hikers should look that good... :cD

  4. very nice pics and story line. what a sense of humor you have. thanks for sharing


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