Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Burlington - Granite and Ice Cream

We next moved on to Burlington, VT. Although we could have gotten here on the ferry across Lake Champlain, it would have been very pricey.

So we chose to drive around the lake, and then go back on another day and ride as passengers back and forth across the lake.

On our big tour day, we started off at the Rock of Ages granite quarry. First we got a look into the 600-foot deep quarry.

Then, we got to look down into the factory where you can see the artisans making their fancy tombstones.

This is what the finished product looks like. The detail is amazing.

We also got to bowl on the world's only granite bowling lane.

We then toured the cemetery where you can see a lot of the works of art from the factory.

Some of them were just beautiful!

After the quarry, we stopped off in the least-populated state capital in the country, Montpelier.

Where we got a free tour of the capitol building.

And lastly, we went to the Ben & Jerry's factory. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside, but they did give us a "free" sample after we paid for the tour.

Outside the factory is the cemetery where the flavors that didn't make it are buried.

You can read each one's sad story.


  1. Love the Georgia peach epatath.

  2. They made you pay for a tour...gee that's not very hospitable! Some lovely granite there!

  3. Too funny the Ben and Jerry's tombstone. I guess it's best to make fun of your failures. ;c)

  4. Give me a holler if you get over the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Roxanne introduced me to your blog. Not too many RVers get up this far.

  5. After that tour, I became a real Rock of Ages fan!


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