Sunday, August 30, 2015

Down East in Maine

After Bangor, Phil and I headed "Down East" to the farthest Eastern section of Maine. We stayed at a beautiful spot near the "Reversing Falls."

This is an area of huge tide flows - 20+ feet between high and low tide. Here's high tide -

And here's low tide!

The area has some great wildlife. I saw this bald eagle across the water.

And we saw some seals, but they disappear fast and I got a lot of pictures like this.

This dragonfly attached himself to Phil and wouldn't let go.

But why is it called "Reversing Falls?" Here the tide is going out -

And here it is coming back in. Maybe it should be called Reversing Rapids, but it is still pretty impressive.

Here's another picture of high tide -

Versus low tide.

We drove further east to the candy-striped West Quoddy Head Light, built in 1858, replacing the original one built at the order of Thomas Jefferson in 1808.

While there, I got to be the easternmost person in the US, according to the sign there. However, I wonder about those Aleutian Islands on the other side of the 180 degree longitude...

Driving back to Lubec, we got a look at the Lubec Channel Light.

We had to go down some side roads to get a glimpse of it, and found some interesting things along the way.

We also wanted to get a look at the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere. Named "Old Sow," it was really hard to see without being on a boat.

We also visited Eastport, where we saw a big fisherman.

But Phil liked this one better.

And Phil got his lobster.


  1. We loved West Quoddy Head when we went years ago, and Pemaquid Point too.

  2. Funny you looked at Campobello from Eastport and didn't come over though you even visited Lubec. Maybe next time huh?


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