Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sticking My Foot into Canada

We stayed for a couple days in Calais, ME, right across a small river from St. Stephen, NB, Canada. We happened to be there when the two towns were having their annual International Homecoming Festival.

The parade started in Calais and went over the bridge to Canada. I was wondering how customs handled that. I hope this dog has his papers with him.

They had queens for all different ages. And they all knew how to wave properly.

Except if they were distracted...

A look across the river to the Canadian part of the festival.

Phil and I took a day trip into New Brunswick. Our first stop was St. George, where there is a beautiful gorge right in town with waterfalls and a picturesque hydro station.

We then moved on to St. John, where I met some new friends. Although everyone we met on our short trip into Canada was very friendly, these guys could have smiled a bit more.

St. John has gigantic beer cans, nice murals -

And a large harbor. But we had a lot to do in one day, so we moved on.

We were on our way to Fundy National Park, near the town of Alma. With some very big tides, you better do some planning if you want to get your boat out of there.

We also went to Cape Enrage, because there is a lighthouse here, and I can't pass them up. You can see Nova Scotia in the distance across the water.

This lighthouse has been in operation since the 1840s.

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world - as much as 53 feet!

We visited the covered bridge over the Point Wolfe River -

A tidal river. There used to be a wooden dam here, and some part of it remains.

In Fundy National Park we went on a short hike to Dickson Falls. Some very nice moss-covered rocks and a great boardwalk.

And the falls weren't too shabby either. I wish we had time to see more waterfalls, but this was a lot to see in one day.


  1. HOW cool..the high tide must mean there are no high rises right along the shore!!

  2. Yes those are quite the tide ranges up there. Surprised you didn't bring back one of those Mounties as a souvenir... ;c)

  3. Yes you did see a lot in just one day. My. It took me a week.

  4. Diana, honestly, you've gotta come over to Campobello. We will give you the grand tour of the island. You are invited to stay with us with your RV.


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