Sunday, August 25, 2013

Creston, BC

I have to admit, I was a little uneasy about going to Canada, on our next stop on the Selkirk Loop, but Creston really changed my mind. What a great town! Many downtown buildings are in the art deco style of the 1930s. Very cute.

But the best thing was that instead of the usual "No RV Parking" or "No Overnight Parking" signs, there were signs that said "RVs Park Here." We stayed 2 nights behind the Visitors Center, which had free Wifi. How friendly is that?

They also have a HUGE RV dump area. If you can't turn around here, you have serious problems.

The town has a mural wall tour.

And 2 landmark grain elevators, the last in BC.

The Columbia Brewery offers tours, so off we went.

We followed Sasquatch's footprints to get started.

We saw aging tanks and fermenters and other stuff. All the beers produced here are naturally aged with no preservatives. The have 5 of their own brands, primarily Kokanee, but produce other brands too.

I was fascinated with how fast those cans whiz by. They produce 1100 cans per minute! They do bottles also, of which 98% are recycled.

The rejects - Gee... they must be good for something! They offer you a free beer at the end of the tour, but I couldn't stop thinking about these rejected cans...

The next day we climbed up a hill which promised a famous "Balancing Rock." The views of the Creston Valley and the Wildlife Refuge there were spectacular.

But the Balancing Rock was a bit of a disappointment...

Creston has a warm climate (for Canada) and has orchards galore. But this was a unique strawberry hydroponic pavilion. Yummy!

One weird thing about the town... Why are all the bushes in town trimmed this way???

(Shhh... Don't tell her...)


  1. Great shots! I've never visited Canada before. Your trip there definitely seems interesting. Might just have to be my next trip.


  2. Never heard of Creston, but you sure make it look appealing, as usual. Not a clue about the bushes, is it from grazing? If so they must be delicious!

  3. I, too, have enjoyed several brewery tours. Too bad I just can't cultivate a good taste for beer.

  4. Pleased to see Canada let you in. :c)

    Didn't know Sasquatch was a beer love. Does he finish off the rejected cans? No wonder he's not seen too often, he's very busy... :cD


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