Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Ultimate Recycler

Going north out of Creston, the view of the Selkirk Mountains across Kootenay Lake is spectacular.

Our first stop is the Glass House in the tiny town of Boswell.

This is the home of the ultimate recycler, embalmer David Brown, who built the house with more than 500,000 discarded embalming fluid bottles.

Construction began in 1952, on solid rock, necessary because the bottles weighed 250 tons.

All of the rooms are round, because he thought that made more sense.

Electric wiring was certainly easier than going through sticks and bricks...

The home is right on Kootenay Lake.

A photo of Mr. Brown relaxing on the balcony.

There are lots of neat decorations in the garden, including Snow White -

And the Seven Dwarfs.

Going north a little more we came to the Artisan town of Crawford Bay. We stopped at the glassblower, where I bought a Christmas ornament -

And the broom maker, where I managed to avoid buying a Harry Potter broom.

After Crawford Bay, the road abruptly ends at the water. Uh-oh--- what to do?

Here comes the answer -- the longest FREE ferry in the world will take us across the lake to Balfour.

The Osprey 200 can accommodate any size vehicle and operates year-round.

On our way across, we pass the smaller, older ferry that only operates in the summer.

Pulling into Balfour - we made it!


  1. $60 for a broom???? I'm still in shock over that one. That bottle house is really pretty incredible. How do people come up with these ideas?

  2. Think of all the places you could go in one of those Harry Potter brooms. You missed out! :cD

  3. Those are Canadian dollars, Sandie... :-))

  4. Embalming fluid bottles? Who would have guessed?

  5. Well since that is $60 Canadian I'm sure I would have picked up two of them at the great price of $114.28 US.


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