Monday, August 5, 2013

More from the East Side of Glacier

Behind the Visitors Center at Logan Pass is the trail to Hidden Lake Overlook. I didn't do the trail this time, but walked out a little way to see what I could find.

The area is covered with Glacier Lilies when the show recedes.

These pictures were taken from my first trip up there in the middle of July.

A little past-peak, but still very nice. When I went back the following week, they were all gone.

There are often Bighorn Sheep in the area. I saw this large group of males lounging around. Their reproductive work is done for the year.

And if I haven't been on enough boat tours, I went on the trip on St Mary Lake.

St Mary Lake is another glacial lake, 10 miles long.

We went by Wild Goose Island to get a different view.

Beautiful views at every turn.

Some peaks in the park are carved on 3 sides by glaciers, making a horn.

The view from the boat...

And the view of the far end of the lake.

We saw a glacier, one of the few remaining in the park. They say they will all be gone by 2020, so hurry on up here if you want to see them.

The boat made a stop so we could do a shot walk or a longer ranger-led hike.

I did the short walk (about 20 seconds) to Baring Falls. The longer hike goes to St Mary Falls, but it is farther than walking from the road.

The last day I was in St Mary Campground, my sister Barbara and Ron joined me. We went up to the Many Glacier section and hiked along the two lakes that I had previously done by boat.


  1. Glacier looks like a beautiful place, I am having a hard time deciding which National Park to work at next summer. Glacier is at the top of my list.

  2. Gorgeous place. I'd better get up there soon to see the glaciers. Thanks for that tip.

  3. So after 2020 I guess the NPS will have to change the name to No Glacier NP? :cO

    We'd better get rolling that way soon!

  4. What a magnificent place!! I think we will have to try and make it there before 2020!!
    Great pics!

  5. SO very beautiful Mom and I took that boat ride on St Marys Lake, Its a wonderful memory for me!

  6. Beautiful country. I hope to get up to Glacier next summer. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love your pictures. I want to take that boat tour. Looks both beautiful and relaxing.

  8. I don't think many people will miss the glaciers. It is the mountains and lakes that are left behind after the glaciers withdraw that elicit all the oohs and aahs.
    Certainly not in my lifetime but the glaciers will return. When they do they may carve the Park in ways that will completely change the appearance. Perhaps in ways that people will no longer care to see it much less put it on a "bucket list".


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