Monday, August 12, 2013

Crazy Things, Plus the Last of Glacier

While in Kalispell, we went up to the Whitefish Mountain Resort. It's a ski resort in the winter, but in the summer they have all kinds of activities. Eight WINs went ziplining. I thought I should stay back and be the official photographer. (Actually, I have been ziplining before - you can see the video of it here.)

Here's Karen and Nancy on the practice line.

Instead of doing the zipline, I went on the alpine slide.

I managed to take a video of most of it.

Whitefish is on the Burlington Northern train route and has a lovely station.

We made one more trip to Glacier, this time to see the Lake McDonald area. A lot of the national parks have really unique, historic lodges, and this was no exception.

The lodge is 100 years old, but has been renovated. The lobby is 3 stories high and decorated with hanging lanterns.

They even have mountain goats here too!

And guess what else they have on Lake McDonald - a boat ride! Sign me up!

In case you aren't counting, this is my 4th park boat ride... Or maybe the 5th, since the Many Glacier trip involves 2 boats.

And then on a totally unrelated subject, we saw this sign at Lone Pine State Park, outside of town. I just thought it was cute...


  1. You are a daredevil! I'd have been hanging on for dear life instead of filming my ride.

    Don't know how you young kids survive your adventures!

  2. Great video of the alpine slide! That looks like fun.

  3. The alpine slide looks like a ton of fun!! Liked the video!!

  4. I would love to do the zip line, and also the slide. How fun!

    Cute (I hope fake) article about the cat. Bad cat! :)

  5. What a beautiful area. You are so adventurous.

  6. dang di, you be the bomb girl. been fellowing your blog for years. thank you so much!!! i have really enjoy your travels. and thanks for becoming Facebook friends with me. i'm getting this new mac computer down,thanks to one on one training i'm getting at the apple store.hopefully i can start my own blog. and return the favor of your blog. u.p.r.r. conductor G.E.. Green (retire)

  7. Gorgeous lanterns at the lodge, we're hoping to get to Glacier in the next couple of years, but I know it will be one of those places we just won't want to leave!

  8. Was the alpine slide as scary as it looks? I didn't hear any screaming.


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