Monday, September 24, 2012

The 4WD Trip from Hell

With a name like Snaggletooth Trail, we should have known. But the easy road in the beginning, and the beautiful scenery, drew us in.

The Gambol Oaks above the canyon were gorgeous.

The road follows the Delores River with red rock cliffs on both sides.

The first hint of trouble was the overgrown bushes on the “road.”

But our fearless drivers pushed on, hypnotized by the beauty of it all.

Uh-oh! This does not look good! You would think we would turn around at this point, but not our guys...

The trail climbs above the river at this point over some seriously rocky road.

At times we had a choice of going over huge rocks or going off the cliff.

If you’re wondering why I’m not out there helping rebuild the road, it’s because my door would no longer open.

Now for the bad news - We had meant to go one way through the canyon and go home on paved roads. Unfortunately, after 5 miles of terrible rocks, we met some ATVers who said we wouldn’t be able to get through some narrow sections down the way. So we had to turn around and do it all again!

Now for the better news - Phil is really good at auto body repair - this is not his first time - and already has most of the damage repaired.


  1. Okay, I think you guys need to admit defeat before they have to get out and clear the path. Wow. Beautiful or not, some guys just can't let the land win. Yea Phil.

  2. Wow, it must have been an awesome vehicle you were in.

  3. Geesh - that really does look treacherous!! Glad you made it home safely. Way to go Uncle Phil!!

  4. YIKES!! I think I'll pass on the next ride!!

  5. You're all crazy. That's not a road.

  6. Oh, those c*r*a*z*y WIN's! I actually loathe 4-wheeling - seriously! Who likes to peer over the edge of a dizzying precipice and/or get the *(#^# jolted out of oneself?

  7. When the going gets tough for the vehicle, get out the mountain bikes and keep on going.

  8. I have hiked some 4WD roads,but I don't think I would want to be a passenger in a vehicle on that road.

  9. You needed a tank for that trail.

    Are you sure it was really a road?

  10. Don't think we'd even want to hike on that "road"!

  11. We ran into that same issue on
    4WD trail out of Gunnison (not remember the name), but we got to the end to make the loop - there was no trail back. Instead we had to either go back the way we came or go to Aspen and back around on black top. Man was it a long day!!

    Glad you are enjoy your travels. ;) And wish we were there with you and the WINs.

  12. I would be getting out of the car and walking!


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