Saturday, September 22, 2012

Looking for the Ancient Ones

The WINs have moved on to Delores, CO. We heard that there was a private tour of the huge cluster of Anasazi ruins right up the road at Yellow Jacket. It was a half mile tromp through sage brush. I should not have worn shorts...

The Yellow Jacket Pueblo was the site of a large village from the mid-1000s to the late 1200s AD. This is what it looked like then. It covered 100 acres and 195 kivas, 19 towers, and up to 1200 rooms. Wow! I couldn't wait!

This is what it looks like now. Oh...

Our guide Dennis showed us the highlights -

Of which this is one. Let's just say you needed a good imagination. Apparently, they have dug these ruins up, and then reburied them to preserve them. I just didn't get it.

This rock was kind of interesting.

We did see a couple of petroglyphs. I think this is supposed to be a lizard.

I thought the most interesting thing was the pottery shards. There were a fair number of them around.

Including some painted ones.

We are staying at the campground at McPhee Reservoir. The water is really low due to the drought.

It's a beautiful campground, though, with short junipers and pinyon pines, so I can get my solar and satellite.


  1. I don't have to look to far to find an ancient one. Every morning when I look in the mirror...

    So, they dug up the ruins and reburied them to preserve them? Sounds like something a govenment agency would do. :c(

  2. A little disappointing that the ruins had been reburied. Hope your legs have recovered from all the scratches. Gorgeous sunset picture.

  3. We were someplace where they had reburied ruins too, but I can't remember where. It seems they did leave some visible for the tourists.

  4. I can understand the reburial of human remains but why rebury other artifacts as they are once again lost to man.


  5. I too would have been disappointed and let down. I guess the pottery shards are interesting, although sometimes similar pieces show themselves when we are mowing our yard.

  6. That is a strange ruins site, I sure hope they had a good reason to rebury everything.

  7. Made it to hovenweep and guess who is my neighbor? Virginia Wolfe, the archaeologist from yellowjacket ruins. she has a group and they are going to map cross canyon.

  8. Hey Diana - I sent you an email. Not sure if you got it. Check your spam folder.


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