Sunday, September 16, 2012

Silverton and the Ride Back to Durango

Silverton is an old mining town which now caters to tourists, primarily those who come for the day on the train. We saw several stores open when the train pulled in and close 2 hours later as we boarded for the return trip.

There are still reminders from the olden days all over town.

We had lunch at a terrific barbeque place. Best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had.

Due to my love of rusty stuff, I couldn't decide which one of these was cuter.

Soon it was time for the photo op shot. This is for JoAnna, who wanted more than butt shots of her uncle.

Time to board our car, the Knight Sky.

And we slowly pull out of town. Wonder how the train got turned around? There is a "Y" track on the edge of town.

The train stops twice on the way up and once on the way down for water. The steam engine uses 10,000 gallons for the round trip.

Another look at the "gold" rocks.

The best view from the train is on the river side. But the train crosses the river several times, and you are allowed to wander from side to side.

The train gets awfully close to the edge at times.

Don't look down!

This little cart follows along behind the train. We were told that it is to pick up any cameras that you drop. But I think it is to make sure the track hasn't fallen off the cliff.

The return trip was a lot more relaxing than the trip up. Made me happy I paid for the comfy seats.


  1. Looks like you definitely got your money's worth out of this train trip ... we'll definitely do it when we get out west.

  2. Loving your blog posts on this area. We were there last year and ate at that very same BBQ spot, but never did do the train ride. Now you have me motivated to go back and do it.

  3. I really liked Silverton but didn't take the train. Love those views, even the down ones.

  4. Diana, I was told the cart follows to check for damage on the track and for sparks that may cause a fire...probably garbage and cameras too.

  5. Sold!!! We're going to do that rail trip, we love train rides.

    With all the great pictures, you made us drool to ride it.

    I hope you get a commision check!

  6. Yes, that train looks way too close to the edge!

  7. That little car, or speeder, also checks to be sure no sparks from the train are starting a forest fire. An ounce of prevention...

  8. Diana, did that train ride twice...once when I was 13 on vacation with my sibs and parents and then again in 2007 with my husband who had been to to Durango on a childhood vacation but never took the train while there. It's the most awesome train ride and the scenery is so breathtaking. We plan to do this again!

    Saw the locomotive was 486, this is the same one we took in 2007. Also saw you took one of the premium cars which are toward the end of the train. That's the best way to go, it's more $$ but worth it!

    Seeing your pictures brings back so many fond memories. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Those gold rocks are really something. I remember those drop offs down to the river below.

  10. What a beautiful area, we haven't been there yet. Hopefully next spring as soon as the snow melts

  11. Have never taken the train all the time we have been in the area, it's the cost that always got me. But after seeing the pictures it's a must next time! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I just read the Durango train. One of my fondest memories is riding that train with my family. I was maybe 13y/o but I remember it like it was yesterday.


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