Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hot Springs and Horsemanship

Pagosa Springs, CO is home to a huge hot springs. There are 3 commercial places for enjoying the springs. The most expensive by far is this one. It's very photogenic with the huge travertine deposits.

Down in the river, there are pools where you can soak for free, as long as you don't step foot on the resort property.

Across the street from the resort is the cute little main street of town.

And that's where you find the hot springs we chose, The Overlook. I guess the name is because it overlooks the fancy resort. They had many pools, some indoors and some on the roof. Very nice.

On our first evening in town, we went on a tour that Margaret arranged of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship education program.

"The Parelli Natural Horse Training Method combines in-depth equine psychology and common sense communication techniques into the ultimate recipe for horse and rider success."

Here they are teaching the horse owner how to get a horse to enter a very small trailer. They train the owner, not the horse.

After our tour, our guide brought out her horse and showed us how he plays with a ball.

He seemed to like my camera and came over to see if it was anything good to eat. After my prior experience here, it made me a little nervous.

After a barbeque dinner, we had cowboy songs around the campfire -

And a great sunset.


  1. Beautiful!! Wish I was there!

  2. Great town. Was there in 2010. Wishing you more happy times.

  3. Now that's my kind of a hot tub, hot water...and a great view!

  4. We've never stopped in Pagosa Springs - always drove right through. I guess we need to stop sometime! What a beautiful horse!

  5. Ive heard of the Parelli method and I think its a great way to train...
    Gotta love a good soak in the hot spring!!
    WAHOO to the cowboy singing!!

  6. That must have been fun to watch the horse owners being trained. Glad you didn't let that horse with the big teeth get too close.

  7. Not something I would have thought about exploring, but many of your post, make me change my mind. Thanks for sharing!


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