Thursday, September 20, 2012

Imogene Pass

Before we left Durango, we did another 4WD with Max. This time we drove to Ouray to begin.

The aspens over Red Mountain Pass going into Ouray were out of this world.

The cute little town of Ouray.

This town also has a large hot springs pool.

From there we started up to Imogene Pass. Once again there were lots of old mines and mills that look like they should be falling off the mountain.

The Camp Bird Mine is down below, and is still active.

We saw wildlife -

And rusty stuff! (Yes, this is the road...)

And more wildlife, this time a cute little marmot.

By the time we got close to the pass, the weather was deteriorating rapidly, and we were in the clouds.

The top of the pass is on the left. It's the second highest drivable pass in Colorado, at 13,114 feet.

Hmmmm.... I wonder who lives here?

Looking down the other side.

Another fixer-upper.

Alot of the road was switchbacks on narrow ledges. This wasn't the worst, but I was too busy holding on then.

Another mine - I've given up remembering the names.

Coming into Telluride, you go by Bridal Veil Falls, with the powerhouse on top.

Another cute little town - Telluride - where we stopped and had a late lunch. Wow, another great trip!


  1. Looks like a beautiful drive, except for the "hanging on" part!

  2. Wow! Those are brilliant fall colors. Our aspen are starting to glow. Love, love the views from your awesome drive. That's Up there!

  3. It's it amazing what you see off the beaten path - who would ever want to stay on paved roads!!

  4. Super pics! Ouray is on my list for next summer; but I don't think my Roadtrek will make it over that pass!

  5. You guys really do see some beautiful country on your trips. Saw the picture you took in the Escapees magazine.

  6. Those are some incredible colors, nice to see a color besides rust every once and a while... ;c)

  7. Love those fall colors ... remember enjoying a little bit of it when we left Utah to move to DC ... drove through Colorado and just loved the little towns.

  8. Beautiful! I guess you didn't see Mark & Bobbie in Ouray at the hot springs pool but that is okay.

    Spectacular entry today. Thank you.

  9. I guess we really need a 4-wheel drive to see all these great places. Although I'm not sure I have the nerves for those roads.

  10. Great pictures. It was so much fun looking at yours.

  11. Was on Black Bear & Imogene on Monday .. just missing ya! Was down 550 today .. past peak already on the aspens around Ironton .. was quick this year!


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