Friday, September 14, 2012

Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge RR

All aboard! I was unsure whether I wanted to go on the train from Durango to Silverton, but I'm very glad I did. It was fantastic!

We paid the big bucks and got in a car with an "attendant." Not only did he bring you free beverages, but he gave a commentary on what we were seeing, and when the good pictures were coming up.

He told us about Linda, who shows up several times to greet the train along the way, every day, just because she likes to.

When I told my father I went on the train ride, he asked me if I got seasick. Here's why. Narrow gauge trains rock a lot!

After leaving town, the train climbs up toward Silverton on a narrow ledge over the Animas River.

At this point, the train is going only 5 miles an hour, so there is lots of time to lean out the window and take pictures.

Don't lean out on the other side though!

Lots of great rusty stuff along the way...

The car we were in is the railroad's newest. It has big comfy seats and glass overhead. Being able to see what is above you is a big benefit.

Is this a suggestion or an order???

As we got closer to Silverton, the river became the same color as Opal Lake, and the rocks looked like gold.

Gold and silver mining was very big in this area in the past.

As we approached Silverton, the train "farted" one last time. Sorry, I don't know the technical term for this...

And we rolled into town. More on Silverton later.


  1. Love this...this has been on my bucket list since a Travel Channel program more than 10 years ago.

  2. Wis we would have done this, but it was just so expensive. Looks like a great ride.

  3. My daughter met us out west one year and she and my husband took the train. I didn't because I hate heights, and we had dogs. A nice thing to know for people headed that was is that Alpen Rose Campground had a dog sitting service for those who wanted to go. Very nice people.

  4. Just went over to their website and that ride is too rich for my budget. So I'm sure glad you took such great pictures and I got to enjoy the ride with you.

  5. Isn't it great. We took the train from Silverton to Durango and it was fabulous. Couple places were a little hair raising though!!!Loved Silverton, what a great little town.

  6. Sea sick? Naw, that would be "train sick". Or would that be the feeling you get after paying for the tickets?

    I'll have to start saving my pennies now, that looks too good to miss!

  7. We spent the night one night along the Las Animas River on a backpacking trip out of Silverton. The train whistled us in the morning. A geologist working on his PHD stopped by our campsite and told us the water we were using for our coffee was likely radioactive (mine tailings).
    I have glowed in the dark ever since. Love Silverton, beautiful town.
    Rob Rupp

  8. How fun. I especially like the picture with the train above the river. I hope not everybody leaned that way at the same time.

  9. that water is beautiful, and the rocks too...the train ride had to be Great fun!!

  10. Glad you took the train. That car with windows on the top looks great. Another good ride (and you dad would love it) is the Cumbres and Toltec out of Chama,NM, and Antonito, CO.

  11. I love the video showing the rock and rolling. Brings back memories and it was only last week.

  12. These are great pics. Thanks for sharing! It reminds me of the Chama train (NM).

  13. I love these narrow gauge train rides ... almost always there's great scenery. Reminds me of the White Pass train we did out of Skagway in Alaska.

  14. It ha been a long time since I have left any comments on your blog, but Michelle and I continue to enjoy it.
    I do not know if you are aware, but the man who did the song "Convoy" in the seventies, CW McCall (who actually was a front man for Chip Davis, the brains of the thing...and the man behind the famous group "Manheim Steamroller")did a song about the train you rode on.

    Just goofy trivia!


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