Wednesday, July 4, 2012

There's Lots of Marble in Marble

The town of Marble, Colorado is home to a big marble mill site, where the marble mined near town is processed. I've been here a few times, and I just love it - lots of old marble structures and (of course) rusty stuff.

The Crystal River runs by the mill site, and there's a whole lot of marble there that apparently fell off a train.

This year there is a lot more activity going on. They are transporting the marble to Houston, where it goes to Italy on a ship.

Just so it doesn't get confused with the Italian marble, each piece is stamped. Really? Isn't this a lot older than the US?

We were told that Italy is running out of marble, but this picture I found on the internet seems to contradict that...

Back in 2001, I hiked up to the quarry - wow! That's a lot of marble!

You can no longer hike up there because they think it is too dangerous, but this is what it looked like then. The marble for the Tomb of the Unknowns, and some of the Lincoln Memorial came from here.

Marble also has a great barbeque place, where the 16 of us who went on the loop in the previous post stopped for dinner.

There are some local sculptors, of course. You can have this piece for a mere $19,000!


  1. I think you should pick up that piece for me as a Christmas present. lol Love your rusty pictures.

  2. Nice to see Marble again. I visited a friend who worked in the mine there way back in 1979! whew. time does fly past.

  3. Sure seems odd that we ship marble to Italy.

  4. Marble is on our list of places to go also. They have a marble symposium coming up, are you going to be around for that? Have you checked out Bogan Flats campground? Would love it if you have and you'd post about it!

  5. I'm glad to see the Marble marble pit is alive and working. What's the shipping on that piece of artwork?

  6. More appropriately made BY MOTHER EARTH...
    Funny all the marble that ever was in Italy is still on the planet,,,its just in a different place. SO nice to see the sights of Marble!!

  7. I guess this means that Italy has lost its marbles....

  8. Until now I have always associated marble with Italy. I like the bit marked for export.

  9. No pictures of the 4wheel trip?

  10. It's in the previous post.


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