Friday, July 13, 2012

Kayaking, Hiking, and 4-Wheeling

I'm not a kayaker, but most of the WINs are. They went on 2 paddles while we were in El Jebel, one on the Roaring Fork, and one on the Colorado. Unfortunately, the water is down this year, making the rivers very rocky.

They were tough trips, and most ended up in the water at least once. When you capsize, you have to sign the Rubber Ducky. We're going to need a bigger one if this keeps up...

We went up to Glenwood Springs several times. They have a cool railroad station -

And the rafters float right by it on the Colorado River.

We did a little walk to the cemetery at the top of a hill to see Doc Holliday's memorial. This dentist/gambler/gunfighter is most famous for his part in the 1881 Battle at the OK Corral. He died here of tuberculosis in 1887.

There's a little dislaimer noting that they don't really know where in the cemetery he is buried.

The original monument contained erroneous information, and was replaced in 2004.

I ran into Doc in 2008 in Tombstone, AZ. He didn't have much to say, but I thought he was kind of cute.

On another day, we did a 4-wheeling trip to the top of Hagerman Pass.

The weather was a little dreary, but the scenery was spectacular anyway.

We even had some rain, which made the 4-wheeling even more exciting.

Last but not least, I've been neglectful about posting pictures of rusty stuff lately. There's lots of it around - I found this in a backyard in Basalt.


  1. Looks like some of the rust from that rusty stuff you found spread to the house.

    Glad you found some to feed your addiction! ;c)

  2. Can't look at rusty stuff anymore without thinking of you. Looks like you're up in the cool weather.Enjoy.

  3. We did that rafting trip on the Colorado outta Glenwood springs, in fact the one we did was a double header we went down and at the take out we loaded our raft on the trailer and they took us down again..YA HOOO it was fun.
    Im ready to get a kayak...just gotta get the money now.:o/

  4. Looks like you are continuing to have a lot of fun. We are taking it easy at a forest service campground on the Taylor Park Reservoir for a few days.

  5. Good idea to get up to the continental divide to say cool. I see you even had some snow. That picture of the lake is gorgeous.

  6. Mike recently bought a kayak so guess I'll be learning about that.

  7. Sure did have fun with you and Phil. Thanks for the 4 wheeling
    and the photo lessons. Keep on
    having fun!

  8. Just found you's wonderful! In the planning stages so glad to have another to add to my list for inspiration! You have absolutely stunning pics...can wait to catch up reading all about your journey! ~cozygirl


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