Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flippin' Pancakes

While in Cheyenne, the WINs are staying on a lot behind the VFW. It's a lovely spot, with a noisy, smelly refinery nearby. As an added bonus, between us and the refinery is a busy double-track railroad track.

All over town are 8' tall painted boots. This one is different in that it's a mosaic.

The Union Pacific and BNSF railroads intersect in Cheyenne, creating a gigantic railyard. The Railroad Depot here was built in 1886.

The railyard contains some unique items.

Some of them are rusty.

New this year in the front of the depot is this horse made out of all kinds of rusty metal pieces.

And here in the Depot Plaza is where the famous free Pancake Breakfast is done several times during Frontier Days.

The long line moves very quickly, about as fast as you can walk. They feed 100 people per minute, and over 10,000 people each morning.

And how can they make all these pancakes?

Many large grills are used, and when they are done, the pancakes are flipped over the cook's shoulder to be caught by Boy Scouts on trays. As you can see in the video, they catch most of them...


  1. Except for the noisy camping area, this place looks to be loads of fun.

  2. Posting my own rusty stuff post right now! Love the horse, saw a similar one at Leanin'Tree in Boulder. I've been meaning to do a Boulder post, I'll have to get on it!

  3. Hah - I just had pancakes for brunch, so I'm with ya! I'm looking forward to your trip to Salida. I lived there for 3 months a couple of years ago but have never seen it in the summer. I'll live vicariously for now.

  4. Looks like lots of fun. Hope you have earplugs.

  5. The flipping is way cool. Must take some practice to keep them flipping like that. But way too noisy for me. The park we were in in Casper was right beside the tracks and our rig shook whenever they went by. Not a whole lot of sleep.

  6. I'll be darned. Never seen anything so funny as this pancake-flipping. Haha...
    An that stell horse is awesome.

  7. Nothing better than a good stack of hotchcakes...FLIPPING good.
    That is a halirous video!! THAT scout is doing a great job....I bet its fun to flip them things over your shoulder like that..
    Love the rusty stuff..

  8. Now you know why your pancakes were so crunchy.

    Another luxury campground for the WINS. :c)

  9. I love the video of the pancake flippers. Nothing like house flippers for sure!

  10. Cheyenne was fun. I was sorry to miss it this year. That video of the flying pancakes is hysterical.


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