Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Leadville Alternative

While visiting Leadville, the WINs stayed at Camp Hale, which was a WWII training camp. Unfortunately, while we were there, the road between us and Leadville collapsed over an old 1890s railroad tunnel. What to do?

Donna had an idea, so we all followed. There she goes, under the Eagle River Bridge.

Our first stop was the tiny town of Red Cliff. It used to be an old mining town, but now it seemed kind of like a hippie town.

There are lots of old skis in the thrift shops around here, and it seems to be a popular way to make fences.

This house was most unusual!

From there we went up and over Shrine pass, where we did a short walk to the viewpoint of Mount of the Holy Cross, one of Colorado's many 14ers. When the snow is melting, it makes the shape of a cross, but we were too late.

We then made a loop on I-70, and came back through the town of Minturn. There is a really unique water pipeline on top of a trestle there.

Also the old abandoned mining town of Gilman.

Back at camp, a hawk was attacking a poor little bat while we were gathered for our afternoon get-together. The bat wrapped himself around an antenna, then couldn't get free. But Mike saved him by unwinding him, and he happily flew away.


  1. I can't figure out how the bat gets wrapped around the antenna...good pic though!

  2. I'm not a bat lover, but that sure is a good photo! I clicked to enlarge it, and could clearly see his little face and feet. Glad he was let free.

    Weird to be cut off from where you're camped by a cave-in. RVers are inventive and "find a way." Glad you were able to get back to camp.

    I wonder if we could all move to Gilman and use that as a home base? I like the houses on the hill. :)

  3. You can always count on Donna. Looks like an interesting trip. Did you take a picture of the collapsed road?

  4. That poor old bat! Bet he never comes out during the day again!

  5. The house looks like it was transplanted from Switzerland.

  6. I'm a big fan of bats because of the way they eat 'skeeters.

    I'm sure the 'skeeters are not too happy with the rescue... ;c)


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