Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maroon Bells

While we're staying in El Jebel, CO, one of the best places to go is Maroon Bells, just a little south of Aspen, CO.

Unless you get up really early, you have to take the bus to the Bells. Cars are prohibited on the road after 8:30 AM. But the bus driver was great - he pointed out these Marmots sunning themselves on a rock. Only when I looked at my picture did I see the baby at the bottom.

Maroon Bells is certainly the most photographed place in Colorado, and I'm sure these flowers are the most photographed foreground.

Look closely and you can see more wildlife.

Farther down the path around Maroon Lake are this pair of Canada Geese (aka "Rats with Wings") and their 2 babies.

Another nice shot of Maroon Bells with a beaver dam in the foreground.

You can also walk up to Crater Lake while you are there. At first, the trail goes through a grove of Aspen trees.

Then, the trail gets a little rockier...

Along the way, I saw a cute little Pica.

Crater Lake is located at the base of the Bells. WOW!

Coming back down the trail, you get a view of Maroon Lake.


  1. What a beautiful treat! I've always wanted to see that area and your photos have inspired me even more. I am glad to see Colorado get some relief from the terrible fires they have had to deal with.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. We have not explored Colorado yet, enjoying your posts and ideas for us to explore, thanks for sharing.

  3. love the Bells and loved the Pica...

  4. I have spent quite a bit of time in Colorado, but have never seen Maroon Bells. Hope to be able to get there--it's on my bucket list. Thanks for your post--beautiful pictures.

  5. How come you didn't find any rusty stuff? You always find rusty stuff! ;c)

  6. Loved the beautiful landscapes and the little guys you caught, too. Don't you just love getting photos of critters with their babies? Always a special shot. :)

  7. What a gorgeous place! And great for everybody since you can see the Bells almost from the parking lot or do that nice hike to Crater Lake.

  8. Beautiful! We love Colorado and have been there many times.

  9. a favorite spot of mine to visit...I think I have that same flower in my photos..BUT I didnt see any marmots or geese!! Love those shots. AND I didnt do the hike up to Crater Lake either! I really like the Beaver Dam shot...great work Diana! Im enjoying seeing your Colorful Colorado Travels!

  10. You sure got some nice wildlife shots around the beauty of Maroon. Love how that one marmot is cooling it's belly.

  11. We live in Colorado. No, we come from Colorado. But we haven't been to Maroon Bells for over 44 years. Seeing your blogs, we have to go back.

  12. Your side trip to Maroon Bells coincided with my recent discovery of the slides I took on a backpacking trip around the Bells in Summer 2000. Five days and four passes at or near 12,500'. Each new view was more breathtaking than the previous, one of my best trips ever. I need to return to Colorado. Thanks for the pix.


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