Monday, July 16, 2012

The Air is Thin in Leadville

Leadville, CO is the highest incorporated town in the US, at 10,152 feet above sea level. It's an old mining town. I loved this mural, and got a kick out of the sign on the right, "Accountant upstairs." Not what I was expecting to be upstairs based on the mural...

The buildings in town, even regular houses, are painted in colorful designs.

But there are also a lot of buildings that either were never painted, or haven't been painted in quite a while. Almost like there is a ban on new paint.

But there are exceptions to that rule too.

Everyone has flowers in their yard. This pink columbine is just as pretty as the blue one found in the wild.

This is the most unusual flower I saw. It's an African Daisy called "Whirlygig." (I did some Googling and had some help from Phil...)

Circling the town is a 10-mile long bike/hike trail that goes by a lot of the old mines.

Does it get any better than this? Rusty stuff in the foreground, old mine shaft in the middle, and the town of Leadville, Turquoise Lake, and the Rocky Mountains in the background.

So much rusty stuff, so little time...


  1. Watch out for the pothole! The road caved in on an old 1890's railroad tunnel down towards Minturn. Collier

  2. Loved your picture of the all in one inclusive things. I think you've outdone yourself this time, all your favorite things in one place.

    Yes you really do have to leave there...sorry. :c(

  3. With all the old mines, I pretty sure Colorado leads the world in rusty stuff.

  4. We are at a forest service campground at the Taylor Park Reservoir near Almont, CO. The air is thin here, too. We can really feel it when we walk around the campground. Leadville looks like a great place.

  5. Nice set of pics. Will come back to this post on computer for a closer look. And a bookmark of Leadville!

  6. The bike trail sounds very interesting although I probably wouldn't be able to breathe.

    Pretty mural, houses, and flowers!

  7. Those Whirlygig flowers do outshine the rusty stuff. And that long range view is to die for.

  8. That pink and white house is pretty amazing, but it all looks good, you're such a lucky girl to see so many new things all the time!


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