Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Daddy of 'Em All

There is a rodeo every day during Cheyenne Frontier Days. And the competitors are the top in the world. During the pre-show my favorite participants were these horses that had apparently just had highlights done on their manes. Maybe...

My favorite competition was the bull riding. And these bulls are HUGE! Very few of the competitors stayed on for the 8 seconds. This is Corey Maier, who tied for the lead with his brother, Ardie.

Steer wrestling was also popular. Steers are given a 30-foot head start, then the cowboy chases and jumps off his horse and wrestles the steer to the ground. The cowboy has help from a "hazer" riding on the other side of the steer. It's also fun to see some of the steers outsmart the cowboy.

Saddle Bronc Riders and Bareback Riders also must stay on for 8 seconds, holding on with only one hand.

It obviously requires a lot of strength. Take a look at this guys face -


We also saw Barrel Racing (the only ladies event), Team Roping, Steer Roping, and Tie-Down Roping.

Hats went flying frequently.

This guy's hat must be glued on...

This trick roper, who looked like he was about 12, performed frequently during the rodeo.

This is my very favorite, and quickest event - The Dinner Bell Derby. Mommy mares are taken to the other end of the track from their babies. Then the babies are let go, and guess what happens!

The last event, and the most popular, is the Wrangler Wild Horse Race. Teams of 3 attempt to saddle a very wild horse, then one rides the horse around the track, hopefully in the right direction (clockwise). Of the 14 teams, only 2 completed the race. Believe it or not, the wild horse race was one of the original rodeo events during the 1800s in the American West.


  1. I have never seen the Dinner Bell Derby - that is really cute. And I love it when the horses win. Rather perverse of me, I know. Great pictures.

  2. I am just in awe at the action pictures you caught. I'd be laughing so hard I'd forget to click the shutter.

  3. Love those bucking bronco shots.

  4. Great blog. I hope to take in Cheyenne Frontier Days in my retirement when we go full time. Great pics for sure!

  5. My dad took me to a rodeo when I was a little girl. Sadly, the strongest memory I have from it was the candy and popcorn he bought me in the stands. Still a good memory though.

  6. Awesome post! Now I can't wait to go to Frontier Days someday!!

  7. Hey, Diana, I know this is unrelated but I'll be posting some photos of some great "rusty stuff" on my blog on Saturday and know how you love that stuff! Rodeo looks like fun, we'll have to get to one someday!

  8. Those are really great rodeo pics. You really stopped the action.


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