Monday, July 12, 2010

Wow, I'm Really Behind in Blogging!

And now everyone will know, since I'm just getting around to the 4th of July...

When the WINs went to the tiny town of Arnegard and just about doubled the size of their parade.

Don't miss Diane B. in the kayak on top of John's white jeep.

Later, some of the group participated in the tractor pull contest. John, 82-years young, came in 3rd!

I promised a Lewis and Clark site from this stop even though we weren't parked near their route. Well, this is it! Down the hill, along what used to be the Missouri River but is now a dammed-up lake, is where -

Meriwether Lewis got shot in the butt! He was elk hunting and accidentally shot by a crew member. It was August 11, 1806, and the Expedition was on their return trip. Fortunately, he knew what to do to prevent infection, but he spent many days traveling face-down in the canoe.

Another day we went on a drive to a remote area of Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Max led us through some beautiful country. Those yellow plants are actually a non-native noxious weed that the park would like to eliminate, but they sure are pretty.

The going wasn't always so easy....

We saw a neat old schoolhouse and outhouse.

The "lock" on the door looked easy to pick so we went inside.

It seemed to be used as a hunting cabin, and everyone used the blackboard to relate their experiences.

But this is the real reason for our journey. At this spot, across the Little Missouri, was where Roosevelt had a ranch, called Elkhorn Ranch. The area is actually a part of the National Park, a tiny section between the North and South Units.

On our way home, we stopped at one of the many oil wells in the area. Turns out North Dakota is sitting on top of a super massive oil field that until recently has largely gone unnoticed. Estimates range from 4 to 400 billion barrels. The Bakken Formation could boost America’s oil reserves by an incredible 10 times!


  1. I loved the door lock.

    And who would have thought we could actually be oil self-sufficient. Someone should tell Washington!!

  2. From the parade contingent, it looks like the Jeep Wranger is the official Win's vehicle.

  3. Cool pictures but on John's tractor where in the heck is the engine? All I see is a big empty space where one should be.
    Please keep posting the great photos..

  4. Yeah John!!! That is a good question about the engine.

  5. Thanks

    Dan (Bubbadan)

  6. I guess I should have explained the tractor pull, since it's not clear in the picture. You had to pedal it!

  7. I wonder if the crew member that shot Lewis was a distant relative of Dick Cheney.

  8. Thats Funny, Dick Cheney,
    Graet Post Diana...what fun you guys are having Im so envious-the Photos are awesome great vanishing point on that country road At least if there is an oil spill on land, they know how to stop it--maybe

  9. Oh wow the pictures in this post are just breathtaking Diana, especially the one of the jeep driving down with the yellow flowers, absolutely beautiful :o)

  10. Don't worry about being behind in your posts. Every one is worth waiting for!

  11. Doc, the real story is even worse - the guy only had one eye and could hardly see out of that one!


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