Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Other Hikes in Glacier

The day after the hike to the glacier, we went back to the Many Glacier section of the park and went on a short hike to Red Rock Lake and Red Rock Falls.

Sometimes there are moose in the lake, but all I saw was a deer.

Another day, we went back up to Logan Pass in the middle of the park. Behind the Visitors Center at the pass is a hike to Hidden Lake, but according to the VC, the trail was 93% snow covered. But where snow is receding, glacial lilies appear.

Since I wasn't keen on any more hiking in the snow, we went across the street to the Highline Trail. This is one of my favorites - it's carved on the side of a mountain.

I like any hike that gives you a clear view of the scenery, and this one is terrific!

There was more beargrass.

Goat? What goat?

Oh - hi! I took about a hundred pictures.

The mountain goats here pretty much ignore you. One time I turned around and there were 2 following me on the trail!

Say cheese!

This guy was back close to the Visitors Center. He must be younger because he didn't have all the long hair hanging off of him.

When I was here 4 years ago, I did the hike to Iceberg Lake. There's a lot of grizzly bear activity in that area and sure enough.... To read about my adventure that day, click here.


  1. The only time we went to Glacier we didn't do much hiking - shame on me. We did see some goats - and they were all raggedy from shedding. You caught a pic of a really nice-looking one! Lovely scenery, isn't it?!

  2. I really did like it up there. Your coverage is a lot better than mine was. Maybe a return trip is in order.

  3. What friendly goats. The shaggy ones remind me of Murphy and Molly.

  4. WOW Diana, you really got some superlative photos this time..GOT YOUR GOAT too I see..haha
    Im trying to recall if I hiked that trail..does the first section have a garden hose strung along to use as a hand hold? If so then I saw my goats there too...and BABY ones so cute!! I videoed them with a big ole VHS recorder--
    Where to next? I cant wait!!

  5. You gotta love the mountain goats. We saw them for the first time in Jasper National Park last year. They could have cared less about the people ogling them from the side of the road.

    I'm enjoying your adventures ... We've been wanting to get to Glacier National Park for quite a while, but haven't made it there yet ... it's definitely at the top of the list for when we begin full-timing in a couple of years.

  6. What great pictures-especially the mountain goats!

    What a great experience.

  7. Looks like a wonderful hike! Love the photos. I have only been to glacier once, when I was about 9. I still remember how beautiful it is. It's on my "return someday" list.

  8. That Highline trail looks pretty scary carved out of the mountain like that, but the scenery looks like it's worth all the effort. What a gorgeous place!

  9. Wow beautiful hiking trail. Loved the pics of the goats and they look really big, I would be kinda skeered of them grizzlies Im such a worry wart lol


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